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Man was designed for accomplishment, engineered for success, and endowed with the seeds of greatness.”  ― Zig Ziglar

Thank you for visiting the website of Dream Builders Greatness Center.  Dream Builders Greatness Center is established as the vehicle to help people go from “Dreaming to Becoming.”  Everyone was created to make a great contribution in this earth.  Everyone was created to be a unique original and to release from within themselves the dreams, visions and greatness breathed in by God.


Dream Builders Greatness Center has several entities in which we have designed to birth leaders of every age as a means of transportation to take one from birth to adulthood.

We train, develop, mold, empower and challenge one to believe in themselves, and to know that what’s in them, must be released because others are waiting for it.


Visit the entities, Dream Builders Greatness Child Development Center; Dream Builders Greatness After School; Dream Builders Greatness Summer Empowerment Camp; and Dream Builders Leadership and Navigators Academy.


“I see you in the future and things look so much better than you do right now.”

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